The Massage Therapy Clinic LLC serves the Maryville and Knoxville Areas. We provide a clean, professional yet comfortable environment along with a variety of services to fit your specific needs. Our goal is to make your experience with us informative, relaxing, and stress free.

A percentage of our profits are donated to the Susan G. Koman Foundation  

Moor Back Pain Relief (60 minutes) $85
Back pain can slow down your day and leave you tired and irritable. This treatment using healing peat from the Austrian Moors will bring relief from pain and revitalize the spirit. A 30-min deep tissue massage and an application of essential oils aimed at the muscular system complete this service.

Athlete Muscle Aid (60 minutes) $105
If muscle pain and stiffness are slowing down your workouts, this treatment is right for you. A deep tissue massage with Sweet birch and bay laurel (essential oils that are known to decrease muscle pain) is enhanced with the latest in body treatment technology-a cryogenic sports mask. This tingly mask helps to detoxify the body, stimulate circulation and calm aches and pains, leaving muscles refreshed and ready for action. 

Solar Meltdown (90 minutes) $150
The warmth of the sun's rays is felt in the weight of the hot stones placed strategically on your body. The stones, like liquid heat, glide over the skin and relax tight muscles. After the massage, a warm body polish is applied to your skin, leaving a radiant glow. Then, hot paraffin is brushed on your back and you relax in a therapeutic meltdown.
This is a one-of- a kind, must-try treatment for the massage enthusiast. Makes a great gift!

Lavender Hands (30 minutes) $45
This luxurious treatment begins with a hand soak in lavender fizz marbles. Next, a lavander scrub is applied up to your elbows and worked into the skin for complete exfoliation. Nourishing grape seed oil and soothing, relaxing lavender essential oil are combined and then massaged into your hands and arms. Finally, your skin is moisturized with lavender lotion, dipped in silky paraffin, and wrapped in warmth. The paraffin peels off easily.

Sole Comfort  (30 minutes) $45
First, your tired feet are soaked in refreshing Ylang Ylang. Your feet are then scrubbed with the salt or sugar scrub of your choice. You receive a foot massage using refreshing essential oils of peppermint and spearmint in a conditioning cream. To finish your feet are dipped in silky paraffin and wrapped in warmth.  The paraffin peels off easily.

*Please Note: All times are approximate.

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